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Chimney Sweep

Every chimney as per National Fire Protection Association needs to be inspected annually and swept as necessary. R&M Chimney Repair, Inc. is a family name when it comes to chimney sweep & cleaning in Jamaica Hills and nearby areas. 

A chimney sweep is necessary to remove suit and glaze buildup. On call for chimney sweep & cleaning in Queens County our technicians will also look for visible damage, structural design problems, and signs of deterioration. We will also check proper clearances for the appliance and venting system. 

Damaged or un-swept chimneys can spoil your chimney liners, fireplace and boilers. 

Advantages of a Chimney Sweep

  • Creosote

R&M Chimney Repair, Inc. is certified and has trained technicians who can get rid of creosote build ups easily without any mess. 

  • Unpleasant odors

Creosote is a corrosive agent to flue tiles in your home chimney and can cause a very bad smell. 

  • Ventilation

A good sweep to the chimney means that there is no oil formation. This ensures that there is no backflow of harmful gases in your home. 

  • Peace of mind

Working with fire is a dangerous business with no proper care. On-time chimney sweeps ensure that your chimneys are free of blockages and in good condition. This prevents fire and other mishaps. 

Benefits of hiring R&M Chimney Repair, Inc. for a Chimney Sweep

  • Affordable cost

We are a family name for chimney sweep & cleaning in Long Island and nearby counties. Eventhough we are certified, licensed and insured, we have managed to keep our operational costs down. This means you get premium quality of service at your home at in-expensive rates. 

  • Roof top access precautions

While on a site to clean we need to access the roof top. However, we take the utmost precautions while doing it with complete safety measures. We are also insured which means you can be stress free. 

  • No mess

There have been many complaints around chimney sweep & cleaning in Staten Island and chimney sweep & cleaning in Westbury regarding the mess which unprofessional contractors left. 

R&M Chimney Repair, Inc. takes pride in completing a chimney sweep with no mess at all. We cover the work areas and use only state of the art filters which are designed to catch even the smallest particles from your chimney. This means that we leave your house in the same condition we found it in, albeit with a cleaner chimney. 

At R&M Chimney Repair, Inc. we always inspect a chimney thoroughly free of cost no matter the reason we are called for because your safety is of paramount importance to us. With a chimney sweep, we would make you aware of any repairs if necessary without any undue pressure for you to get it done from us. 

We are a family name which is trusted and respected for chimney sweep & cleaning in Jamaica hills, Long Island, Staten Island, Westbury, Queens County and other nearby areas. Call us today to experience our certified expertise. 

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