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Chimney Repair

R&M Chimney repair Inc. is a family owned business providing chimney repair in Queens County for over 40 years now. We don’t just repair your chimney; we make sure that it does not require repair work for a long time. Our work is known to be good and of high quality. 

We are also covered by insurance so that you don’t need to worry. When we work together you can state your requirements directly to the owner who is present at the work site every day. We ensure the highest quality standards and client satisfaction. You can never go wrong with us. 

With the weather turning you are entitled to make yourself a nice crackling fire. With our expertise of chimney repair in Westbury, we provide just that. Given the weather conditions, your brickwork takes a lot of flak throughout the year from ice conditions to high winds. Here’s what we have on offer as chimney repair in State Island, Jamaica hills, Long Island and nearby counties. 

  • Masonry Repair

Over the years your chimney brickwork loses its strength and original quality. R&M chimney repair ensures that your chimney brickwork gets in pristine condition as if it was new. 

  • Chimney rebuilds and replacement

If you want a new chimney or a new look to your spout then we are the people to contact. With work attention in the most upmarket streets, we know the current fashion. 

  • Fireplace restoration & remodeling

We have the latest and premium quality fire restoration designs and rebuilds. Our masonry work is top notch and is guaranteed to provide you highest level of satisfaction. 

  • Leakage fixing

We find the leakages and then we fix them. It’s as simple as that. When you call us for any work, our experts ensure that your chimney and fireplace are in top notch condition. 

  • Damper repair and installations

Damp can be very damaging to your chimney brickwork. Don’t let mildew set in to your expensive fireplace. Get our expert services of chimney repair in Jamaica hills take care of any damper. 

  • Flashing repair

Chimney flashing are the metal strips around the chimney on your rooftop. Overtime water deposits lead to erosion which need to be filled in with Caulk. We can get this part of chimney repair in Long Island taken care of in a cost effective fashion. 

We at R&M chimney repair always ensure that your chimney remains in top notch condition, whether it is a boiler chimney or a fireplace chimney, with the best masonry work at good affordable prices. 

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