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Chimney Cleaning

The National Fire Protection Association (NPRA) recommends a chimney cleaning in Queen county and nearby areas before there is 1/8” of soot build up to avoid a major fire catastrophe. The timeline is even quicker in case of glaze buildup. 

Do not try self-cleaning

As a homeowner, do not try to clean your chimneys yourself as you would lack the specialized tools and experiences needed. Instead, get expert professional help. We provide chimney cleaning in Westbury and other counties at affordable prices. We understand a chimney and fireplace like the back of our hands and can advise you over any needed repair work without undue force for you to get it done from us. 

A name you can trust

R&M Chimney repair Inc. is a family name in the chimney repair and cleaning business for over 40 years now. We are licensed and insured to give you a stress free experience. We are a name you can trust for chimney cleaning in Staten Island

Chimney inspections

You should have your chimney inspected at least once a year even if you do not use it. Many birds make nests in the flue or there could be other dis-repair which might make your chimney unsafe and unsuitable. You could also have deteriorating brickwork which could prove to be harmful. Call us to get a chimney cleaning in Long Island done today. 

Chimney cleaning should be annually or bi-annually

Everyone might not have a fireplace but everyone has a chimney as boilers are always connected with chimneys. R&M Chimney repair Inc. ensures that your chimney cleaning is carried out to ensure complete safety. Soot buildup and glaze can cause devastating fires. Avoid extensive damage and call us in. 

While cleaning, we check roof top chimney caps and pipes free of cost to ensure that everything is safe and that no repairs are necessary. Call us today for chimney cleaning in Jamaica hills. 

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